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More opening options
The Casement Doors that we manufacture can be opened either outwards or inwards, making them suitable for a range of purposes. Due to this functionality, you may wish to choose them for the interior or exterior of your home, for example, opening out onto a patio area, or separating a lounge from a kitchen.

Low maintenance
Some doors, for example sliding doors, can require some level of maintenance to keep them operating at an optimal level. Our Casement Doors are ideal if you’re looking for very low maintenance doors, as their functionality is simple and they are easy to wipe clean. There’s no running gear or tracks to keep clean, and the doors simply open and close in the traditional sense.

High quality materials
Casement doors (and windows) can be produced in a range of materials including wood or aluminium, but these are quite prone to weathering. Our uPVC Casement Doors guarantee you a lifespan that can exceed 10 years, as well as a strong protection and insulation again adverse weather or draughts.

Safe and secure

Our Casement Doors have multi-point locking systems, which offers the highest level of security against intruders or thieves. A lift of the handle locks the door into place at multiple points from the top to bottom of the frame, and the lock can then be secured with a key.

A variety of applications
Our uPVC Casement Doors are suited for a range of different uses, not simply limited to the home. Other uses include the separation of offices spaces, creation of meeting rooms or board rooms, or for product showrooms or dealerships. Casement doors are ideal for opening up a smaller room into a larger living space, whilst retaining the ability to have that separation between rooms when it’s needed.
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