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Secure outward opening
If you prefer for the windows to open out, casement is a good secure way of doing it. Friction hinges allow a smooth window operation with a secure positioning for window to stay in same open position if it is windy. We always use galvanized steel reinforcement to add further rigidity.

Warmer and quieter
As you’d expect, they are double glazed and filled with argon gas as standard to keep your home warm, quiet, secure and draught-free. We offer a range of triple glazed solutions as well as different glass combinations to achieve your individual performance goals.

More choice
Our Casement windows come in a choice of more than 44 finishes. You can further have an option of different finish inside and outside, as well as variety of additions and features like child locks, motorizers, colonial bars and many more.

Ventilation available
Special striker plates allow securing the window with only a couple of millimeters area open for overnight ventilation without compromising security of the window.

Maintenance free
Our Casement Windows require no maintenance at all – you don’t need to paint them. And cleaning is easy with a durable uPVC material finish.
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